Guangzhou Tiange Technology Co., Ltd. aloitti tavallisesta pienestä sormustimesta. Yrityksen perustamisen alussa työntekijöitä oli vain 6.


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Guangzhou Tiange Technology Co., Ltd. started from an ordinary small thimble factory. At the beginning of the company's establishment, there were only 6 employees.



In May, a new product, a mold guide, was injected into the manufacturing of mold guides, and the production and sales of mold accessories including independent guide posts, outer guide posts, inner guide posts, inner guide sleeves, rectangular springs, and positioning pins were After more than ten years of development, it has become a mold-oriented enterprise occupying a place in the industry.


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Due to market changes, the domestic automobile, electronics, IT and other industries are developing rapidly, which makes Tiange Technology realize that the domestic market is gradually becoming a reality, so Tiange Technology Co., Ltd. decided to launch its own brand "Craftsman Shield". First, the company itself has many years of experience. Accumulation and determination, secondly, product delivery and product quality have been recognized by a large number of customers, thirdly, cost-effective products are always welcomed by the market. Craftsman Shield will uphold the spirit of craftsmanship, continuously improve product quality, shorten delivery time, and strengthen technology research and development, so that domestic brands can stand in the international market more quickly.


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The company has expanded its scale and introduced a series of new equipment. At present, it has a series of advanced production equipment including CNC lathes from Japan, centerless grinders from Taiwan, cylindrical grinders, and honing machines from the United States. It is also equipped with high-precision Italian Marposs online measuring instruments. detection equipment. After years of hard work and development, the company has now become the most important product supplier of mold accessories and guide parts for many domestic mold companies. At the same time, it has successfully developed a business map with South China as the market center, and its business scope covers Central China, East China, Southwest China and other regions. , and has established long-term and stable strategic partnerships with a number of internationally renowned companies.