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High Quality Service For Mould Making

Laadukasta palvelua muottien valmistukseen

Tiange Technology's products have always been accompanied by such precision and quality, because we use the most advanced production equipment and inspection tools....

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Provide You With Cad Databasd

Cad Databasdin tarjoaminen

Tiange Technology has put a lot of work into the CAD database....

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PDF Catalog Download Service

PDF-luettelon latauspalvelu

In our catalogue you will find all our products for the usual standard parts of Tanger Technology, including 2D drawings and parametric data....

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Customized Parts Service

Räätälöity varaosapalvelu

Our manufacturing capabilities can undertake the production of precision parts and provide contract manufacturing custom services to all customers, providing you with special solutions....

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Designer Technical Support Service

Suunnittelijoiden tekninen tukipalvelu

Tiange Technology focuses on meeting the needs of customers and provides you with in-depth technical consultation....

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Our Customer Service Is At Your Service 24-7

Asiakaspalvelumme palvelee 24-7

Tiange Technology's sales representatives will keep in touch with you and your customer representatives, we ensure direct order processing, application engineering and sales support, which will increase the added val...

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